You’ve probably heard of a Rosary. The beaded necklace that Catholics use to count their prayers. Did you know that Hindu’s use a similar necklace? They call it a “Mala” which is a Sanskrit translation of a word that means “garland.” Buddhist traditions also use a prayer necklace called a Japa, to count the mantras that are prayed by the faithful. The Muslims also use a prayer bead, referred to as Tasbih. Bali, one of the largest Indonesian islands, the locals are primarily Hindu and have mastered the craft of mala making, not only in honor of their historic and religious significance, but because malas are simply beautiful jewelry.

The basic idea of a mala is to provide 108 beads to count mantras during prayer or meditation, and also a “guru” bead or a “summit” bead that is used as part of the counting process.

But, why would most people buy a mala necklace? Even in countries where prayer beads are significant, the mala is a fashion piece. In fact, most mala designs no longer follow the rules. The Mala Girl does have some traditional Malas with 108 beads that can be used for meditation but not all of our malas are in the traditional style. Instead, our goal is to provide an aesthetically beautiful, organic necklace that is consistent with the historic significance. We don’t expect you to count your prayers or mantras with it but that option is available to you, should you desire it.

What makes the mala unique is that it carries with it the tradition of thousands of years of craftsmanship, and symbolizes the mindfulness and spirituality of the world’s major religions while not shouting a religious message of any kind.

Fashion meets spirituality. Awareness. Mindfulness. Beauty. A reminder to remain balanced and to stay connected to what is important. But, also, an elegant statement to accentuate any outfit from the little black dress for a night on the town, to the bohemian blouse at a summer music festival.

Embrace your inner boho with a mala necklace made of lava, pearls or the seed of Buddha’s Ganitri tree. Sparkle with crystal beads and a tassel that flows with the movement of your body. Let it remind you each day that you are grounded. When others ask what your new necklace is all about, you can just say, “It’s just a reminder to go with the flow.”