One of our most popular stones used to create our Malas is the Lava Stone – its spiritual healing qualities lend themselves to the stone to embody a connected vision of emotional calmness and Mother Earth.

The Lava Stone is found from the core of the earth – in other words, it is a solidified piece of volcanic rock that rises to the Earth’s surface.  It is the oldest stone in the world and is typically the most frequented stone shopped for when looking for Mala beads.  The Lava Stone is one of the most popular stones used for creating Mala jewelry due to its heavy embodiment of healing properties and the Lava Stone’s origin resonates with the energetic qualities that the stone possesses.  The Lava stone is known for emotional healing; when worn the stone can calm emotions with its origins of fiery ground that uses intense energy to calm the senses and because the stone comes from raw, earth-core energy. Lava stone is widely known to symbolize an individual’s rebirth and the unneeded emotional attachment they may have just let go of.

As most Mala beads, the Lava Stone can is used in cohesion with the body’s chakras.  The Root Chakra is used with the lava bead to help stabilize and support the chakra which is located at the base of the body’s spine.  This is because the lava stone has a strong connection with the core of the earth.

The Lava stone is widely used in creating Mala Jewelry because it should be worn in close contact with the skin to help energy flow clearly from stone to spirit.  Wearing Lava Stone will help you feel connected to Mother Earth and to feel calm and grounded with your spiritual values.