The Ganitri Seed

Our Malas are largely made out of the Ganitri seed (Indonesia), or the Rudraksha Tree, as it is formally called in India and Asia, and this tree produces seeds that are considered to be sacred in the Hindu religion.  Ganitri seeds are believed to be the tears of Shiva – a sacred deity that is believed to have gone into deep mediation for the well-being of mankind and when he awoke, tear drops fell from his eyes onto Earth and these tear drops became “seeds” that helped grow the Rudraksha Trees.

Ganitri Seeds are worn to help maintain good health, to gain self-empowerment, and to help live a life without fear.  These seeds are known for their divine protection and used most notably in Malas that individuals of the Hindu religion wear to signify their devout nature to the God’s and their prayer cycles.  The dried Ganitri seeds are used to create Mala necklaces for meditation purposes.

Many who wear the Ganitri seed Mala for meditation note an astonishing amount of tranquility and concentration that aids them in meditating for long periods of time during one sitting; most notably, those who meditate with a Ganitri seed Mala convey that they have more control over their mind and consciousness and helps to easily recite their mantras with intention – the most common trait needed for meditational practices.  Ganitri seeds are said to only have positive effects that will help individuals overcome difficult obstacles in their lifetime and can be worn by anyone no matter gender, age, or religion.